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Ahmed El-Shormolessy aka ‘Shormolessy’ is an Egyptian based, Moscow born rising DJ. Music has always been his only consistent passion. It’s where he spills his guts into tunes. It all started when fate brought him together with his Egyptian idol DJ Medoz. This is when his passion of mixing kicked off. He started in 2019 after multiple courses and a million room jams. A mix of Hip hop and R&B music is what he does. A mix of passion, harmony and smoothness all in one! With his unique elements, the crowd goes wild and free.

“AboutThirteen” is his stamp set. 30 minutes , 13 seconds of ultimate paradise. Thirteen is his number and will always be his stamp. So these were 13 sentences to sum up Shormolessy’s tale.

AboutThirteen - Shormolessy
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